8-days of Freedom

If seeds waited for perfect conditions to grow, there would be no plants in the desert.

In-depth guidance: Sherin & Omar

What would you do if you had 8 whole days to explore and discover your own consciousness? We have a few things planned for you but the goal is for you to discern what you need and leave what you don't.

A new world requires new tools, and how well we regulate our emotions is both a crucial and attainable skill for what is to come. We will guide you through the most science-backed spiritual practices that can help you stay grounded and avoid burning out from highly demanding jobs, deeply frustrating vaccine debates, and the overall anxiety we are collectively experiencing.  

We will take you on a fun journey that moves the body, mind and soul. From research based exercises on self-compassion, to how to create energetic boundaries and control your heart rate, to deep human connection through eye-gazing and improv, and the latest data-driven ways to monitor burnout and improve your wellness. 

Through facilitated sharing circles we will create a container for you to feel safe, release shame and expand your consciousness. Expect  a mixed bag of tools that you will find practical applications for way beyond this trip, and an immediate uplifting sense of awe that will result from this work.

The servitude and joie de vivre of the Bedouins will make you feel permanently safe and unburdened. Delicious food, stunning camp sites, soft mattresses and care for your luggage make your stay in the desert very comfortable.

What’s on the 8-day program* ?

  • Exploring the magical desert
  • Sharing circles
  • Eye Gazing
  • How to monitor and prevent burnout
  • Getting into your body
  • 24 - 48 hours solo trip (optional)
  • Breathing (to save your life)
  • Mindfulness & Self-Compassion (the antidote to shame)

    * We might do everything or only do half, this will all depend on what the group needs. Let’s flow together.

With love,

Sherin & Omar



Every morning we start the day with a meditation, while the Bedouins prepare a delicious breakfast.

During the day we travel through the desert and this journey is accompanied by silent walks, assignments along the way, body awareness exercises, insight exercises and fun.

Every tour is different, from climbing on sturdy rocks to walking in rolling sand plains, short or long, alone or in pairs, with a question or assignment or open and 'let it come'. You don't have to work on yourself here. What is needed will come naturally. We share experiences in the camp in the evening, after we have had a delicious meal together.

You will receive gentle and healing guidance throughout the journey. New insights and possibilities unfold.

You can be alone or feed on the group. In terms of physical effort, this program is feasible for any healthy person.

Why deepen in the Sinai desert?

Deserts are the chakras of the earth. The Sinai desert is one of the 'most powerful places' on our planet. It is very difficult to put into words. The vibrational frequency is higher, finer, it feels like a very feminine, protective energy that is present there.

The overwhelming beauty of nature, the absolute silence and the sand that seems to absorb both sound and negativity... make you completely relax without having to make any effort. You open yourself to everything and everything flows. That may sound vague to many people, but even skeptics who take the step to go along anyway, experience the same. It happens automatically, in Sinai you go from your head to your heart automatically.

Why would you choose this trip?

Together, Sherin and Omar have a unique domain of knowledge and diverse techniques.

Unlike a regular training, in which you are given theory and tools to improve yourself, this is an experience with different interventions. You gain new insights and the learning process is experiential. During this journey you are the center of attention. By relaxing, enjoying, accepting and deciding to take your own steps in this transformation process, we create a unique journey together with you.

This trip will have a silent day in the middle where you can choose to be in the desert completely alone (all meals provided) for 24 or 48 hours. It is a transformational experience where freedom is in abundance.

The trip is tailor-made for each group and with respect for the individuality of each individual. We pay attention to pace, balance, action/rest, contact with yourself, nature and the local culture.

Welcome to this unique journey that will stay with you for a lifetime!

8-days of Freedom Why would you choose this trip?
Allow the simple beauty of nature, of human kindness, of divine love to seep deep into your soul, infusing it like a sacred tea. Alana Fairchild

Sherin Wafaai (1986)

Hi, I’m Sherin and I love everybody. I believe that everyone needs a lot of compassion so I always carry extra in my pocket :)

Freedom of the mind, body and soul has always been my priority and I found my freedom naked on a sand dune in Sinai. I remember being immersed in the silky smooth sand (knowing that I was far away from any humans) and realizing that in that moment, no one and nothing had any control over me. I was almost like a spirit floating with no attachments. Those 8 days in the desert helped me release so many fears and beliefs I had been holding on to. 

My mission has always been to help people become the best

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versions of themselves. I have been compassionately listening to my fellow humans since I can remember. Naturally, I went on to study and teach Psychology for a number of years. I loved learning about people’s minds. Now, I am much more interested in their hearts. I hold space for people to help them deal with difficult situations or emotions. I guide people to get in their bodies and I also educate them about the benefits of having a base of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion as a foundation for their lives. I.e. How to treat yourself like you would a dear friend.

I am so excited to assist others in discovering themselves through a wild adventure in the desert. Big healing hugs until I meet you there :)

Omar Shaker


Omar Shaker is een MD die last had van een burn-out en besloot zijn carrière om te zetten in klinische data-analyse. Omar was Senior Consultant bij Clarity Insights (Now Accenture AI), waar hij de grootste Amerikaanse betalers en medische centra hielp om betere diensten te verlenen door het gebruik van data en technologie. Omar gelooft in een datagedreven benadering van het menselijk welzijn en is een gecertificeerde gezondheidscoach door de Functional Medicine Coaching Academy en is de Analytics Director voor het California Center for Functional Medicine. Omar is ook geselecteerd als een van de 50 meest invloedrijke wereldwijde digitale gezondheidsleiders door het HIMSS 2021 Future50 Committee.

Periods and prices



  1. Accommodation costs:
    (contribution directly to the Bedouin on the spot)
    Inclusive: all costs on the spot, start & end in Dahab Paradise, excluding flight

    Normal rate: 865 € p/p
    Local rate for residents of Egypt: 795 € p/p - LE 14.900

Not included:

Tips (+- 50 euro)
Personal expenses (souvenirs, ...)
Any travel insurance