Desert soul, inspiring journeys to open your heart


Are you on edge all the time and in dire need of some peace and quiet? Do you like to leave the road well-travelled and prefer unfamiliar ways to seek new adventures? Do you like traveling sustainably? Are you looking to really get into contact with the locals and their culture? Do you like it when your money goes straight to the source? Then Desert-Soul is your perfect match!

‘Marhab’, will probably be the first word you hear upon arriving in their desert. Farag and his Bedouin friends are enthusiastic to share their paradise with you! The real places where one can leave everything behind for a while and get back in touch with basic nature. You won’t need Wi-Fi to feel connected ;)

The spirited Bedouins know the desert by heart and have been organizing these kinds of trips for decades now. They include you in their traditional and simple way of life.

Time to clear your head. Regain inner peace and strength by detaching yourself from ‘back home’. Finding the key to happiness comes from slowing down and listening to your heart’s desires. New insights will be found, and new opportunities present themselves.

This process can be further guided by coaches who’ve experienced it themselves. You may request a private session during and even after the trip has ended.

You will return home recharged with the joy of life and clearer inner guidance. After one week you will say goodbye to your new found friends, in the same instance already feeling homesick for your desert paradise.

So don’t hesitate, book your journey towards long overdue inner peace!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched they must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

Freedom & fun

The Desert invites to have fun, playing and enjoying, but also hiking, climbing and clamber. Are you more the peace and quiet type? That’s great! Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory. You decide what’s right for you!

The Bedouin make the difference

Our guides exceed all expectations. No request is too much for them, and with their contagious enthusiasm and loving care they create a positive energy and comfort no one can resist.

Healthy and delicious food

Three times a day the Bedouins create the most surprising meals. All used ingredients are pure and fresh. Vegetarians won’t be disappointed either.

Slow down - the bedouin way

Living to the rhythm of nature. Connecting and interchanging with an authentic culture. Only the ‘here and now’ are important here, a way of life that’s simple, giving you time and focus. Get inspired by a mindfull lifestyle!

The power of the desert

Deserts are the chakras of our planet. Sinai is one of the most powerful places on earth, generating depth and healing, the ultimate nutrition for body and soul.

Depth & inspiration

Time to stop and pay attention to yourself. Our passionate coaches help you deepen. You return home with an expanded mind, new insights and full of life energy.

100% nature & silence

You will not find tourists here. Complete silence, no noise or light pollution. The humbling beauty of this desert will take away your breath, raise your heartbeat and touch your soul to the very deepest.

Authentic and small-scale

We travel in small groups. We prefer to live more and drive less. Quality over quantity. No fixed program, we stay flexible to meet the needs and preferences of the group we travel with. This makes every trip a unique experience.

Support their way of living

By travelling with local guides you support the traditional lifestyle of the Bedouin culture. The money you pay lands directly in their hands. This way, you help prevent them from having to flee into the cities in order to survive financially.


Reis naar je bron

Benieuwd wat de stilte jou te vertellen heeft? je hart fluistert de waarheid...

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Soul dancing:

stilte in je hoofd, vreugde in je lichaam

stil, speels, soms subtiel, soms wild... Bewegen op de hartslag van de woestijn.

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Spreek en luister vanuit je hart

Respectvol omgaan met jezelf en je medemens

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true men:

De kracht van kameraadschap

Herontdek je authentieke zelf, kinderlijke speelsheid en ware mannenkracht!

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Body & soul:

Een weldaad voor lichaam en geest!

Balans via yoga, wandelen, stilte en coaching

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ontdek je authentieke klank

De magie die ontstaat tussen stilte en klank! Sing from your heart and let your soul be free!

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Woestijnweek voor coaches:

voeding, Inspiratie en ontwikkeling

De woestijn en een groep van gelijkgestemden gidst je doorheen deze week.

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Revolutionary Lovers:

voor koppels

Quality time voor jezelf en je relatie. Tijd en ruimte om te genieten, te verdiepen en verbinden,

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The wild woman within:

Ontdek en bevrijd je Vrouwenkracht

Een liefdevolle ontmoeting van je kalme tot je onstuimige zelf

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SOUL expression:

reis naar je creërende essentie

Een Speelse Ontdekking en expressie van je Essentie en Kracht

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Wise Woman

Rite of Passage​

overgang naar wijsheid en elderschap

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8-daagse trekking:

Terug naar de essentie


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Voor jongeren (17-25) en hun ouders:

a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience

Avontuur & chillen, natuur & verbinding

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Avontuur voor gezinnen:

Speelsheid en magie in de woestijn

Zin in een avontuur voor het hele gezin, dat ieders blik op de wereld verruimt?

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