Passions between two cultures

Desert-Soul was born from the connection between two cultures.
On the one hand, the passionate desert inhabitants of Serabit, the Bedouins who, under the leadership of Farag, have been responsible for the organization and supervision of desert trips for many years. From 2 to more than 100 people.

On the other hand, Marleen. who was so entranced by the the desert and its inhabitants, that she started Desert-Soul with the help of her Bedouin friends. Marleen uses her own experience as a coach to provide in-depth guidance on site. This gives traveling in the desert an extra dimension.


Farage Gomma (1974)


Farage, our guide and inspirer, was born in Serabit in the South Sinai and descends from 2 nomadic Bedouin tribes. He spent his childhood amongst his people and their goats and camels. Life was hard for him and his tribe. He did very well in school and was looking forward to continuing his studies, but his father died unexpectedly passed away when he was 12 years old, and Farage became ‘Head of the family” at this young age. Since then, he has developed his innate leadership qualities and enhanced his sense of responsibility.

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He has experience from working in construction as well as working in the tourist centers along the coast. Farage learned English in the hotels, where he also discovered the needs and expectations of the foreigners. As a child of nature, Farage found his passion in guiding trips through the desert. He started out as jack of all trades on these trekking holidays, building up t the know-how he has now. His love for the desert, his intelligence and perseverance, combined with his leadership have brought him where he is today. Excellent guide and leader of Desert-Soul, who manages an entire team flawlessly.

His goal is to spread the Bedouin culture in a respectful way to everyone who is open to receive and who supports his people in the pursuit of better living conditions. Farag has become a supporting figure in the Bedouin community. He is committed to supporting the weakest and he is committed to helping the Bedouin culture survive. In this he is supported by Micky, who, amongst others, has set up a fund 'The Bedouin Friends'.

Marleen Hofman (1967)


In 2006 I came into contact with the desert! A turning point in my life, from 'economically driven' to 'being', from 'luxury' to 'essence', from 'head' to 'heart'. For me, the desert felt like ‘coming home’. It felt like soaking in a big bath of love! I loved the contact with the Bedouin, who have become soul mates and the beauty and power of desert’s nature was overwhelming. This experience had such an impact that I was eager to create the opportunity for more people to take this journey of discovery. That idea led to the creation of Desert-Soul.

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I like to use my calm nature, my coaching skills and life’s wisdom to guide people through their  transformation processes, to reconnect them with  their full potential. From the Bedouins I learned to live in the now and to follow the flow, full of confidence. I also apply this in counselling, looking what every moment presents as growth potential, and to support that optimally.

The desert provides space for my creativity, my search for beauty and for the essence in everything. To me she is a powerful resource and guide. By living my own life from the heart, from passion, from my essence, I hope to inspire people to do the same.

My story is of discovery and adventure, encounters and growth, eternal growth ... that is my passion!
After studying publicity and photography, my career started with about 20 years as a freelance art director for advertising agencies and for my own clients. Since 2003 I have taken all kinds of training courses on self-development: NLP, systemic constellation work, trauma healing, intuitive development, coaching organizations, transpersonal coaching, ...

I am privileged to have two wonderful sons (1998 - 2001) who are also my greatest teachers.

Sherin Wafaai (1986)

Hi, I’m Sherin and I love everybody. I believe that everyone needs a lot of compassion so I always carry extra in my pocket :)

Freedom of the mind, body and soul has always been my priority and I found my freedom naked on a sand dune in Sinai. I remember being immersed in the silky smooth sand (knowing that I was far away from any humans) and realizing that in that moment, no one and nothing had any control over me. I was almost like a spirit floating with no attachments. Those 8 days in the desert helped me release so many fears and beliefs I had been holding on to. 

My mission has always been to help people become the best

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versions of themselves. I have been compassionately listening to my fellow humans since I can remember. Naturally, I went on to study and teach Psychology for a number of years. I loved learning about people’s minds. Now, I am much more interested in their hearts. I hold space for people to help them deal with difficult situations or emotions. I guide people to get in their bodies and I also educate them about the benefits of having a base of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion as a foundation for their lives. I.e. How to treat yourself like you would a dear friend.

I am so excited to assist others in discovering themselves through a wild adventure in the desert. Big healing hugs until I meet you there :)

Micky Masset (1964)


Since 2000 I have been a co-founder and partner in Quinx, an agency that helps individuals and organizations to reach a deeper level of meaning, connection and personal leadership.

My background and education in NLP, coaching, family constellations, group dynamics, character structures, emotional bodywork etc., help me to do this in a holistic way, adapted to the needs of the group and the individual.

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In 2009, Marleen asked me to join her in the development and creation of an in-depth programme for the desert trips. Since then, I've also been bitten by the desert bug.

The ingredients are unique : the magic, beauty and silence of the desert - the encounter with the Bedouin culture - life in nature. The mix touches me every time and I am so grateful to be able to do some of my work in that environment and to see the transformative effect on participants.

The contact with the Bedouin and their culture has come to mean so much to me that I have set up a fund for the preservation of this beautiful, ancient culture. ‘The Bedouin friends’ was born in 2015 and has already given life to a number of beautiful projects. The enthusiasm and help of our participants is decisive in this..

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Suliman (1977)


Suliman, Farage and Djamal have been bosom friends since childhood. Going on a trip together is therefore a festive get-together for them. Suliman carries his nickname ‘the singing smile' for a reason! He is always cheerful, energetic; he knows how to infect everyone with his enthusiasm and playfulness. His passion for life and his love for nature and music make him a beautiful person who lives and radiates from his heart.

He is a master at conjuring up surprisingly tasty meals with few resources, lots of patience and love.

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In the evening, he swipes us into the sounds and rhythms of the Bedouin, with a djembe or a jerry can ... creativity at its best.

Suliman was born in Serabit, South Sinai and comes from the Aleigat tribe. He still lives the traditional Bedouin life in the middle of the desert, with his wife and 4 children. They have no running water, nor cell phone coverage. He loves to share this authentic desert life with us.


Driver - entertainer


Guide - cook


Guide - cook

Djamal (1974)


Our team in action


Bringing people into their inner silence, from their head into their heart, in contact with their essence, their qualities, their desires and highest wisdom. This then helps them to walk their path with passion, from the heart, full of ‘joie de vivre’, at the service of themselves, the others and the greater whole.

To let love flow in and between people from different cultures and to support each other in each other’s growth processes.
Offering conscious travel that benefits the local community.